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"CONNECT" the market through Video

Our mission is to "Connect" B2B companies with customers and markets through video production.
We support B2B video marketing by fusing industry-specific knowledge with creativity.

Maximize the value of technology with visualization

In the process of communicating technology and creating promotional assets for the products, we conduct a full lifecycle analysis of the products, mapping out the benefits to present your product accurately without compromising on aesthetics.
We believe our business is more than just producing content but plays an integral part in your branding and marketing strategies. Through a single video, we present content that enables an intimate customer experience.

Video Productions


Promotional video

Automotive (OEM / Supplier) /
Equipment / Equipment Manufacturer


As a trigger for sales and marketing, we simply summarize the fascination of your product and convey your ideas into impactful videos to engage the audience.

Technical explanation video

Automotive (OEM / Supplier) /
Equipment / Equipment Manufacturer


We conveys content that is difficult to convey in documents and oral explanations with easy-to-understand visuals. We plan and create videos that promote understanding through non-face-to-face sales and online seminars.

Vision video

Automotive (OEM / Supplier) /
Equipment / Equipment Manufacturer


Opportunities to disseminate corporate visions such as SDGs, medium-term management strategies, and global strategies to stakeholders are increasing. We help plan and create exciting and futuristic images.

Activity record video

General Incorporated Association / University / Community


The essence of any video is through recording. Record every moment instantaneously in the correct setting as we plan, capture, and produce videos records to connect them for the development of future generation, industry, and society.

Product application video

Equipment manufacturer (FA / electronic / medical)


We demonstrate the actual application examples for complex product by reproducing the motion of using the stand-alone product. We help plan and create videos that are useful for sales promotion of manufacturers, education of sales staff, and support for client approval.

Equipment introduction video

Equipment manufacturer (machine tool / manufacturing / medical)


We introduce advanced systems equipped with complicated structures and functions in an easy-to-understand manner using effects of transparency with structural decomposition. We help plan and create videos that are useful for equipment explanations, supporting client with internal and external education.

Corporate image video

Automotive (OEM / Supplier) /
Equipment / Equipment Manufacturer


Tailored production for corporate and branding video. We help plan and create images align with expressions that match the color of the company, philosophy, core technology, R & D, and messages to society.

Concept Introduction video

Equipment / equipment manufacturer / general incorporated association


Communicate and share intangible things such as concepts and strategies through visuals. We help plan and create videos that provide visual support to explain a concept in a compelling and precise manner.

Work Procedure Manual video

Automotive OEM / Manufacturer / Government


We convert text-dominated documents that are difficult to digest with easy-to-understand visuals. We help plan, capture, and produce safe and highly reproducible video manuals regardless of individual interpretation.

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As - Is / To - Be


I'm looking for a video production company, but I can't find a production company that is strong in B2B


With Taira Promote...

While the overwhelming majority of production companies target entertainment such as TV commercials, music videos, games, and pachinko machines, we specialize in the B2B market.
As industry and product knowledge with technology is the basis of our creation, we are able to develop production while minimizing the communication burden for our client.


Different production companies offer services depending on the type of media such as catalogs / Web / video, and management costs are too high.


With Taira Promote...

Based on video production, we recommend an eco-framework for content that can be expanded to catalogs and Web media.
Therefore, it is possible to minimize the total advertising promotion costs and communication stress that occurs between media.

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Although it can handle live-action and 2D illustrations, there are few production companies that can handle 3DCG (product CAD).


With Taira Promote...

In B2B companies, it is a global requirement to make good use of CAD data and develop content marketing.
We possess the know-how to accurately manage the huge amount of 3D assets of major companies, including 3D normal content planning.


This is my first time to engage video production and I don't know the setup cost.


With Taira Promote...

Even if you are a first-time person in charge, highly specialized staff will lead the progress, so please feel free to contact us. Please see below for the price range, services provided, and the flow of video production.



* Varies depending on the content

Videography Package

  • SGD 4,300~

    ・ Up to 1 minute
    ・ With Scenario creation
    ・ No Narration/Subtitles
    ・ No location scouting / 1 day of shooting * 1
    ・ 1 week of production (excluding day of shooting)

  • SGD 8,000~

    ・ Up to 3 minutes
    ・ With Scenario creation
    ・ No Narration/Subtitles
    ・ No location scouting / 1-2 days of shooting
    ・ 1 week Scenario / 1 week of production (excluding day of shooting)

  • SGD 16,000~

    ・ Up to 5 minutes
    ・ With Scenario creation
    ・ No Narration/Subtitles
    ・ No location scouting / 1-2 days of shooting
    ・ 2 weeks Scenario / 1 week of production (excluding day of shooting)

Drone videography

  • SGD 1,800~

    Location scouting 1 day / Shooting 1 day (including shooting permission application)

3DCG Package

  • SGD 9,000~

    ・Up to 1 minute
    ・ Scenario provided
    ・ No narration / Subtitles
    ・ 2D / 3DCG available (CAD provided * 2)
    ・ 1 month of Production

  • SGD 16,000~

    ・Up to 2 minutes
    ・ With Scenario creation
    ・ No narration / Subtitles
    ・ 2D / 3DCG available (CAD provided * 2)
    ・ 2 weeks scenario / 1.5 month of Production

  • SGD 30,000~

    ・Up to 5 minutes
    ・ With Scenario creation
    ・ No narration / Subtitles
    ・ 2D / 3DCG available (CAD provided * 2)
    ・ 1 month scenario / 2.5 month of Production

Multilingual * 4

  • SGD 700~

    1 language (50 sentences)

* 1 Transportation and accommodation expenses will be billable.

* 2 Supported formats: STEP / CATIA / SOLIDWORKS / Inventor / NX (Please contact us in advance for other formats)

* 3 Cost varies depending on the amount of modeling and detail reproduction accuracy.

* 4 Translated manuscripts will be provided (please contact us in advance if you wish to translate).

* 5 BGM is included in all plans (library sound source is used and composition is not included)

* 6 Please contact us in advance if you want to use other media for videograhy (subjected to additional cost).

* 7 The cost of 3DCG production varies depending on the complexity of effects and animation.

* 8 For images that use both videograpghy and 3DCG, the total value is meant as a guide.




Hearing / Quotation
We will listen about the background of your request, your budget, and the video you want to realize.
Thereafter, we will make a quotation (hearing and quotation are free)


Meeting / coverage
In order to propose a more specific plan, we will cover the target products and service
images, the usage environment, etc. multiple times.


Based on the content of the meeting, we will propose the video composition and scenario.
In addition, we plan shooting / production methods and schedules.


Review the video step by step from the storyboard, the video contest, to the completed video.
We try to keep the production process in line with the customer's image.


We will deliver to you your desired data format and media.

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