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Manual Generator

Manual Generator Application

To create manuals shouldn't be a difficult task.

Take a photo, Add drawings and annotations, Explain. That's done.

Creating a manual takes time and is troublesome evocatively?
The Manual Generator is a neat solution to these problems.

How to create

A page per minute, and the manual is created.

3 Simple Steps

Take a photo or video
Add drawings and annotations
Add explanations

Repeat these 3 steps and the manual is created.

Presto! In no time, the manual is done & ready.

The usual way of documenting work. Apart from the minimal input from you, leave the rest to the application. The application will be taken care the layout and compilation. The manual can be completed as you work. The completed manual can be converted to PDF and distributed on the spot.


The impact feature of the Manual Generator is the ability to create a manual with minimal user input.

Browse and Create functions are divided and used individually for creating each manual. Operation is simple.

Can take photos and videos easily using the built-in camera. Next, just input tips or annotations in need of explanations.

Contents that have been edited at Create mode is reflected automatically at layout of Browse mode.

Can convert and print the created manual to PDF. The fully operational manual is done in both digital and paper.


There are many kinds of manuals around us.

Repair and maintenance procedure manuals, Assembly and Disassembly instruction manuals, Company Manuals and etc.

For smooth operation of a business, manuals are necessary.
However, the creation of manuals are difficult and very troublesome.

Has this ever crossed your mind?

  • Who will draw the pictures?
  • What about organisation of information?
  • Will adding annotations be difficult?

All these will be sort-out. Let's create simply.

The Manual Generator is created the neat and smart manual for you as professionally.

Taira Promote is a veteran of technical documentation and manual, and then we develop the Manual Generator application. Everything you need in one application, and for manuals with difficulty of data collection, the manual editing is possible while checking the work at the site on the spot. To be able to create it quickly and easily means that the little details of the work procedures can be recorded as well. As it is completed in a common format, it is a great tool to share information internally within the company.

Manual Generator
Manual Generator
  • Take pictures and videos via tablet build-in camera.
  • Adding the explanation, annotations and tips.
  • Leave the layout to the application and save.
  • From now, the manual can be completed.
  • Can convert to PDF and ready to use.

The clinch of the Manual Generator application, created by technical documentation professional.